In a dark and divided dystopian America, an ambitious reporter must risk her life and reputation to find out why only females are being born. The story of one woman’s journey to find courage in a world full of fear, END OF MEN is a reminder of what binds us together when everything is falling apart.

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Meet the “End of Men” Characters

Charley Tennyson

is an ambitious human interest reporter who is struggling to overcome her father’s death when she stumbles upon the story of a lifetime: only females are being born across America. Is Charley brave enough to risk her life and reputation to find out why it’s happening?

David Vine

is a charming production assistant who is not only a great investigative partner, but everything Charley once dreamed of in a man. But beneath his easygoing demeanor, he has secrets of his own.

Marika Singh

is Charley’s lifelong best friend and trusted colleague. Her research and scientific savvy have always been a perfect complement to Charley’s entertaining stories. But what happens when they disagree on the fundamental issues that are dividing society?

Vanyala Dawson

is the leader of the Fear Fighters, an activist group that is rapidly gaining momentum in the fight against government shutdowns and the arming of civilians. Why is a woman so determined to fight for change and social connection unwilling to show her own face in public? 

Storyline Themes

The novel encourages readers to take a fresh look at important issues like gender roles, mental health, gun violence, media, power, and how we’re raising tomorrow’s men and women. Explore timely topics through a futuristic narrative and consider where you stand today.