End of Men

Book Club

Explore timely topics through a futuristic page-turner and consider where you stand today.

End of Men Book Club Discussion G

End of Men Book Club Discussion Guide

15 compelling questions on topics like:

  • Gender roles, equality, and nature vs. nurture
  • Governmental power and boundaries
  • Female friendships and romantic relationships
  • Mental health, anxiety, hope, and resilience
  • Gun violence and mass attacks in America
  • Activism and courage

Praise from Book Clubs

“We had a great book club discussion because there are so many fascinating topics in the novel: love interests, gender roles, violence, politics, loss, mental health, and so much more. Our book club discussed this book for 3 hours and still could have continued talking more about it!” —Jeni Miri

“Make sure to grab a few friends to read End of Men and then expect to have a lively discussion with your book club about hot topics. It was both comforting and disconcerting to see the many similarities in the dystopian novel to situations during the pandemic and our current world.” —Megan Brandall

End of Men Book Club Discussion G

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