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Hi, I’m Suzanne.

And I love words. More importantly, I love the POWER of words. Words can change an outlook, a mind, a relationship, a day, a life. I have proven expertise as a B2B and B2C content marketer, copywriter, and storyteller. My “sweet spot” is in using my strategic thinking, creativity, and people skills to help small businesses and brands build a loyal audience.

  • Content Marketing
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End of Men Author: Meet Suzanne Strobel

Featured Work


From Unknown Startup to Most Loved

As a startup in the crowded cybersecurity space, Red Canary built its brand reputation by regularly delivering high quality content in a niche market that was predicted to grow. I built and led the content marketing program, writing strategic articles and collaborating with subject matter experts to create a steady stream of content.

B2B Content Marketing - Suzanne Strobel
Brand Stories - Suzanne Strobel

Brand Stories

Creating Emotional Connections with Customers

The pandemic has been grueling for many small businesses. For one Denver-based company, it was a chance to reinvent itself. This story shares how Patrick and Mara Tcheunou pivoted their entire business model in a true testament of perseverance and grit. 


Launching a Global Rebrand

Janus Capital Group launched a new brand identity to position itself as a disciplined investment firm with top-performing funds. I wrote print and digital ads that ran in trade publications like Barron’s and Financial Advisor, as well as direct mail campaigns targeting individual investors.

Ad Campaigns - Suzanne Strobel
B2C Content Marketing - Suzanne Strobel

B2C Content Marketing

Building Brand Loyalty in a Down Market

After the housing bubble burst, Richmond American Homes needed a new way to engage with potential buyers. Our internal ad agency developed a home and lifestyle magazine targeting homeowners. As a member of the editorial launch team, I pitched feature stories, researched and wrote articles, and collaborated with designers and photographers to bring the magazine to life.


Engaging Target Audiences 

Wayin was a marketing technology startup that targeted brand marketers and agencies. I partnered with our creative team to develop numerous high-converting demand generation assets, including this lookbook full of creative ideas for using the Wayin platform to attract holiday shoppers. 

Lead Generation Assets - Suzanne Strobel

Beyond the Office

End of Men: Now Available


End of Men

In November 2020, I accomplished a lifelong dream of publishing a novel. End of Men takes place in a dystopian future and is built on a simple premise: what would happen if males stopped being born?  It’s a story of courage and resilience, and a reminder of what binds us together when everything is falling apart.

Personal Blog

Flexing Creative Muscles

Writing is more than a job; it’s a hobby and a passion. I enjoy blogging about personal growth, creativity, and my insights on life.

Uncomfortable? Good. You’re Headed in the Right Direction.

Avoiding discomfort is a natural instinct, but it’s not always the best one. Here’s what you can gain by leaning into discomfort instead.

Finding Hope and Healing Through Poetry

Is America entering a new Renaissance? A short exploration of how Amanda Gorman inspired us to find hope and healing in poetry and art.

My Hot Date with a Beautiful Stranger

Yesterday I had a hot date with someone I haven’t seen in a while. It was the most fun I’ve had in weeks. Don’t tell my husband…

Radical Self-Love for People Who Are Full of Shame

Why is it that so many of us see the best in everyone else and the worst in ourselves? Today I invite you to take a vow of radical self-love.

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