Reviews for “End of Men”

People are talking! This is a must read novel.

“End of Men is a smart, evocative page-turner set in an unnervingly plausible future. Strobel’s plot unfolds at a furious pace, seamlessly weaving in scientific, technological and social details that will convince you her dystopian vision is right around the corner.”

Doug Kurtz

The Story Coach,

“Suzanne Strobel has woven a narrative that holds up to the best of the top-tier dystopian writers. The heroine, Charley Tennyson, embarks on a journey where she uncovers the truth to a scientific mystery, has to build trust with others, and ultimately finds hope. You’re not going to want to pass up this gem; in fact you’re going to want to bring it to your book club.”

Tamara Palmer

Author of Finding Lancelot and Missing Tyler,

“Given our own country’s history, this is a timely story that helps us remember that hope and determination can lead us. Strobel’s writing is fast paced, descriptive, and insightful. The novel holds the reader’s attention by giving answers while keeping one guessing, and leads to a climax that will be welcomed, but not expected.”

Jennifer Holmberg

book club co-founder